Industrial Ally brings more to our clients than just execution capacity; we bring expertise to supplement your knowledge. We provide detail engineering based on unbiased, educated knowledge of equipment commonly used in North America. We have awareness and insight into best practices across a wide spectrum of OEM’s and Producers.

Industrial Ally has over 500 years of in house industrial Engineering/Construction experience including over 250 years within the cement industry. We supplement that experience with our Alliance Partnerships who bring expertise in rail, marine, silo, electrical substation engineering – as well as additional general detail engineering horsepower.

Continuous Education to develop our employee's knowledge

  • Industrial Ally University was established as an internal training program to invest in, increase, and leverage our team’s knowledge of equipment.
  • Industry & discipline specific training seminars.

SMACC™ Reviews

  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Access
  • Constructability
  • Coordination

Design work developed in 3D Models

Self-perform terrestrial laser scanning to accurately capture existing field conditions and incorporate relevant information into our designs

High Level of Communication

Our clients receive Weekly Reports providing updates on activities, schedule, information needs, submittals, and other critical information.


To be - and be recognized as - the most knowledgeable and competent cement focused detail engineering company in North America.


Industrial Ally, Inc was established in 2009 to provide high caliber engineering and construction management expertise to heavy industrial clients. Our Company's resume is comprised of personnel and projects that encompass the full spectrum of engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

We are experts at development of project concepts, estimation of costs, critical path scheduling, equipment layout, general arrangement, detail engineering for foundations, structural steel, platework, electrical and instrumentation systems. We also provide support in negotiation and procurement of key materials, as well as field management of construction work.

Providing expertise when you need it most, our resources benefit clients during the early stages of a projects lifecycle when recognition of issues and implementation of strategic and proactive actions mitigates risks and maximizes safety, commercial, and timeline benefits. Alternatively, we can provide assessments, recovery plans, and forensic work for projects that did not have the benefit of comprehensive, focused, planning and execution in its early stages.

We are conveniently located in St. Louis, Missouri which gives us ready access to locations nationwide.


We will always remember we are a SERVICE organization.

We will always maintain a high level of TIMELINESS and COMMUNICATION.

We will always be ADAPTIVE to our employee and client needs.

Industries we Serve

Industrial Ally provides practical and sophisticated engineering solutions for site based operations as well as corporate driven large capital projects. Our market includes heavy industrial clients throughout North America.

We have the experience, capacity, and operating protocols to allow us to effectively deliver on engineering project sizes ranging from $1K to over $1M.

Our clients benefit from our Alliance Partnerships with like-minded, service-oriented, industrial engineering firms who provide expertise for specialized design services (rail, marine, slipform silo, etc.) and/or additional capacity when appropriate.