Ductwork Design

The analysis and design of large process ductwork that operates under significant temperature ranges requires experience and expertise.

In addition to the platework design (layout and material specifications), placement and design of expansion joints, fixed supports, and sliding supports is critical to achieve and maintain the integrity of a process duct system.  We are regularly engaged to provide solutions for new or existing process duct challenges.  Our recent engagements include:

  • Design of a new discharge duct associated with a replacement coal mill separator.  The duct needed to be a perfect fit since plant shut down time needed to be kept to a minimum.  We scanned, we designed, it fit perfectly.
  • Detail design of ductwork, expansion joints, and supports for an environmental and process equipment OEM’s projects at multiple locations throughout the US.
  • Corrective engineering for an expansion joint system related to a client’s 9’ diameter tertiary air duct.
  • Redesign of a conditioning tower ID fan inlet and baghouse outlet ductwork to provide improved flow characteristics. 

I’m proud of our team’s responsiveness and attention to detail as we work together with our clients to improve their facilities.  Have a great 4th of July Week everyone!