Industrial Ally’s Project Managers work closely with clients to support the following:

Critical Path Scheduling

Development and/or evaluation of Critical Path Schedules at a level of detail appropriate to our Client’s needs. Generation and/or assessment of Best Value, Fastest Delivery, or Recovery Schedules using Microsoft Project Schedule Software.

Cost Estimation

Generation of Capital Cost Engineering, Construction and/or Construction Management Cost, based on Client and/or Industrial Ally developed Project Design Documents.  Estimates are developed using Proprietary Software combined with Construction Contractor Formats and Methodologies and our 30-year Historical Industrial Labor Production Rate Database. Depending on the level of pricing confidence required, Industrial Ally with solicit Permanent Equipment, Commodity, Construction Equipment and Subcontractor prices.

Request for Proposal Development

Generation and/or compilation of Project Solicitation Documents including;  Scope of Work Narratives, Terms and Conditions, Technical Specifications, Equipment Data Sheets, Bid Cost Schedules, Design Documents and Construction Contracts.

Proposal Evaluation

Supplier and Contractor Proposal Assessments and opinions with regard to the adequacy of content, pricing, and potential cost impacts and/or risks associated with clarifications. Normalization of multiple Contractor Proposals to facilitate selection of Best Value, Project Specific solutions.

SMACC™ Reviews

Identify design requirements, ensure coordination with the client, anticipate the needs of the contractor and end user, and ensure project success.

Weekly Reports

Document schedule milestones, weekly activities, submittal status, action items, and/or RFI status, cost of schedule issues, and general issues or comments.

Status & Coordination Meetings

Internal and external meetings with clients and engineers/designers to discuss the project status.