Supporting a Safe Work Environment

Our structural team supports safe facility operations by performing on-site structural inspection services.  Since the beginning of this year we have executed over a half dozen site visits to assess the condition of existing structures exhibiting signs of integrity issues due to weather, vibrations, “non-engineered” field changes, etc. 

We perform detailed visual inspections of foundations, structural concrete, structural steel, and/or platework.  Thereafter, we provide a “Report of Findings and Recommendations” documenting our observations and recommended corrective action(s), if any, associated with the inspected elements. 

Our recommendations are identified by level of criticality (urgency) and may include:

  • Follow-up physical testing by a third party
  • Replacement-in-kind of affected elements
  • Detail engineering related to augmentation or replacement of existing items (to conform to current codes, address latent defects, correct field made modifications, etc.)

Knowing our expertise contributes to our clients maintaining a safe work environment is a satisfying aspect of our work.  Stay proactive!