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Industrial Ally was founded in 2009 with a goal of becoming the consulting engineer of choice for the cement and lime industries. We set our sights on becoming a “one stop”, centralized, engineering house for their large capital projects as well as their smaller site-based project needs.

The cement and lime industries, like many other heavy industrial businesses, have been driven to continually reduce their overhead costs over the past several decades. This created a situation in which cement producers significantly reduced their engineering capacity, and correspondingly limited expertise required to address the design of their safety, maintenance, and expansion projects.

This created a need we knew we could address. We recognized that with our heavy industrial engineering experience, and the proper focus, we could develop a team that could provide a beneficial service to the entire US cement industry. 

Industrial Ally set out to recruit experienced cement industry design personnel as well as to hire and train high potential entry level engineers in the art and science of cement and lime plant design. We succeeded.

Our defined focus on the cement and lime industries - and performing work for most of the producers in the continental United States - has supported the development of superior industry expertise and efficiency.  We benefit from being part of the problem-solving team across a wide spectrum of cement producers. Additionally, we consistently work with – and sometimes for – the OEM’s who supply equipment designed to handle the rigors of the cement industry. This consistency of interaction yields a high degree of understanding of the nuances of equipment from the various providers. Just as important, it supports the development of strong working relationships with the people that make up those companies.

Our company consists of experienced, talented, and high integrity personnel. That said, we understand that planning and communication are typically the biggest challenges to assuring high quality and timely results. To that end, we established protocols to assure regular and productive communication throughout or project lifecycles. We have formal internal and external project kickoff meetings, regular weekly meetings for multi-discipline, larger projects, Weekly Reports to our clients providing applicable project status details, and formalized project model reviews to address discretionary and practical items associated with Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, and Coordination (SMACC™) issues.

From our inception, we have performed engineering in 3D (REVIT). The software is proven, we are competent users, and the technology facilitates detail review and collaboration by our team and more importantly, our clients’ personnel. We complement our 3D design with laser scanning of applicable site areas to allow us to model existing conditions to support accurate detailing of new projects to existing interface points. Accurate existing conditions integrated with 3D design yields a superior set of design drawings and significantly decreases new to existing fit up issues. This has a direct, and positive impact on project cost and schedule predictability.

"We enjoy our work and our clients. We will continue to develop our expertise and technological relevance to assure we are providing our clients with undeniable benefit to them. We are appreciative of the privilege of supporting the industries’ expertise needs and never take their business for granted."

Wayne Harshman, President

Our Brand Promise

We will always remember we are a SERVICE organization.

We will always maintain a high level of TIMELINESS and COMMUNICATION.

We will always be ADAPTIVE to our employee and client needs.

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Industrial Ally provides practical and sophisticated engineering solutions for site-based operations as well as corporate driven large capital projects. Our market includes heavy industrial clients throughout North America. We have the experience, capacity, and operating protocols to allow us to effectively deliver engineering services for projects up to $200M.

Our clients benefit from our Alliance Partnerships with like-minded, service-oriented, industrial engineering firms who provide expertise for specialized design services (rail, marine, slipform silo, etc.) and/or additional capacity when appropriate.

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