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We bring more to our clients than just execution capacity; we bring expertise to supplement your knowledge. We provide detail engineering based on unbiased, educated knowledge of equipment commonly used in North America. We have awareness and insight into best practices across a wide spectrum of OEM’s and Producers.

Industrial Ally has over 500 years of in-house industrial Engineering/Construction experience. We supplement that experience with our Alliance Partnerships who bring expertise in rail, marine, silo, and electrical substation engineering – as well as additional detail engineering horsepower.

High Level of Communication

Our clients receive Weekly Reports providing updates on activities, schedule, information needs, submittals, and other critical information.

Weekly coordination meetings and, as needed, technical reviews ensure stakeholders are collaborating on a regular basis.


I came to know Industrial Ally through several past trusted acquaintances that now work at Industrial Ally. The team at Industrial Ally has a very broad base of experience, but also several subject matter experts. I feel I can go to Industrial Ally for almost any need our plants might have. There is good level of experience to achieve our goals or guide to the result we want. They have a good level of cement plant expertise across a wide array of topics. There is a great level of cooperation and collaboration to solve simple or complex problems.

Jeff Ouhl, SVP Cement Operations, Capex and Alternative Fuels


Our Process

SMACC™ Reviews

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Our work has a generational impact on our Customers. Our goal is to produce designs that have safety features to ensure workers are protected from identifiable hazards, are readily constructible, and support maintenance activities. We work toward this goal using Industrial Ally’s Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, Coordination (SMACC™) Review. It is a formalized review process that facilitates identification of key practical and discretionary items to be incorporated into the project design.

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