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At Industrial Ally, we prioritize attention to detail and meticulous project management processes to ensure efficiency and output. We take pride in our culture of communicating often and effectively with clients, ensuring that variables are coordinated throughout each phase of the project. With a team of heavy industrial and cement industry focused experts, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions that are tailored to meet each client's unique needs and requirements. We understand the importance of delivering projects on time, within budget, to high quality standards to ensure a project’s success.

Critical Path Scheduling

Our process includes the development and evaluation of Critical Path Schedules tailored to your specific needs. We understand that each project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate level of detail required to ensure successful project completion. Using Microsoft Project Schedule Software, we generate and assess  Value,  Delivery, or Recovery Schedules to identify the most efficient and cost-effective approach to project completion. Our thorough evaluation process ensures that key project aspects are considered, from site limitations to time constraints and budget limitations, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Cost Estimation

We specialize in generating accurate and comprehensive Capital Cost Engineering, Construction, and/or Construction Management Cost estimates based on our clients' project design documents. We utilize proprietary software combined with construction contractor formats and methodologies, as well as our extensive 30-year historical industrial labor production rate database, to provide detailed and reliable cost estimates.  Depending on the level of pricing confidence required, we also solicit permanent equipment, commodity, construction equipment, and subcontractor prices to further refine our estimates. Our precision ensures that our clients receive accurate and reliable cost estimates , helping to minimize project risks and maximize cost savings.

Request for Proposal Development

Throughout your project, we will develop Project Solicitation Documents to ensure the success of your project. Our team will work closely with yours to create Scope of Work Narratives, Terms and Conditions, Technical Specifications, Equipment Data Sheets, Bid Cost Schedules, Design Documents, and Construction Contracts that are tailored to meet each clients' specific requirements. 

Proposal Evaluation

We offer comprehensive Supplier and Contractor Proposal Assessments to ensure the selection of the best value and project-specific solutions for our clients. Specializing in evaluating proposal content, pricing, and potential cost impacts, as well as identifying risks associated with clarifications, we take pride in our ability to provide insightful opinions that help clients make informed decisions and minimize risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Weekly Reports

Via weekly reports, we provide clients with project status updates that include schedule milestones, weekly activities, submittal status, action items, RFI status, cost and schedule issues, and general issues or comments. Our Project Managers work closely with clients to ensure that project activities and equipment procurement stages are accurately documented and tracked, helping to minimize risks, ensure on-time delivery, and support efficiency.

Status & Coordination Meetings

We utilize regularly schedule internal and external meetings with clients and engineers/designers to review and drive the project status and ensure the project timeline and deliverables are met. Meetings to address technical issues are scheduled on an as needed, as requested basis.


Our Process

SMACC™ Reviews

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Our work has a generational impact on our Customers. Our goal is to produce designs that have safety features to ensure workers are protected from identifiable hazards, are readily constructible, and support maintenance activities. We work toward this goal using Industrial Ally’s Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, Coordination (SMACC™) Review. It is a formalized review process that facilitates identification of key practical and discretionary items to be incorporated into the project design.

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