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Laser Scanning and 3D Design

Performing a terrestrial laser scan at your existing facility adds considerable predictability to your project. The scan generates a 3D “pointcloud” representation of existing conditions, providing designers a true representation of existing conditions that may not be accurately reflected in your available documents. The existing conditions are then measured and considered when developing the new project documents.

Integrating and/or superimposing the existing condition pointcloud with the new project’s 3D model allows us to accommodate existing conditions - avoiding potential interferences with existing structures, ducts, equipment, etc. The predictability of smooth construction and properly functioning production operations is dramatically increased.

We own our scanning equipment and self-perform our laser scans, thereby ensuring that the results meet Industrial Ally’s high standards for quality, accuracy, and coverage.

Utilizing our scan data and 3D design expertise, layout options, as well as details, can be quickly analyzed at any stage of design.

Industrial Ally has executed its engineering in 3D since our founding in 2009. Our 3D design enhances visualization of the entire project, which facilitates review of; design options, SMACC™ (Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, and Coordination) considerations, construction sequencing, as well as material quantification.

3d laser scan on computer screen

If your project is in an existing facility, laser scanning adds undeniable value to your project by ensuring existing conditions are fully identified and considered in the project design. 3D design dramatically simplifies your team’s review and understanding of the project layout and details. Coupling our scan and 3D design capability yields fewer construction and layout “surprises” – which means fewer contractor questions, fewer change orders, and a smoother project schedule.

We are experts in 3D design.

The benefits of laser scanning and 3D design extend beyond the design phase. These technologies can be utilized throughout the project lifecycle, from construction to maintenance. The 3D model can be used to generate accurate material takeoffs and help identify potential maintenance issues before they become issues. This level of accuracy and detail can save time and money, improving project efficiency and reducing the risk of unexpected delays or expenses. Ultimately, the use of these technologies can help ensure project success, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

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