A Matter of Support

Industrial Ally has just completed an interesting and challenging structural engineering project that will allow our client to remain in operation while their existing coal bins are replaced. 

The primary challenge was related to the fact that the client’s two existing 30’ x 90’ tall coal bins support a common rooftop platform carrying a significant amount of mechanical equipment including conveyors, dust collectors, etc.

Our solution was to develop a permanent, yet economical, structural steel “exoskeleton” that transfers the roof platform loads from the two coal bin roofs and walls to the bins support structure.  The new structural steel has adequate clearances, albeit they are tight, to allow the bin replacement contractor to demolish and replace each existing coal bin while the other, and the necessary rooftop equipment, remains in service.

Circumventing a production shut down to replace the aging coal bins was a high value solution.  Congratulations to a job well done by our structural engineers.

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