Additive Bin and Feed System




The driver behind this Laterite Handling and Storage System Project was a need for an increase in storage capacity and raw material blend feed quality. Our design solution included extending an existing roof mounted conveyor to feed a new 200-ton laterite bin via a reversible belt conveyor that would also allow feed to an adjacent existing bin. The Laterite bin discharge to an existing belt conveyor required equipment capable of extracting wet (up to 20% moisture) and sticky material. An Aumund Centrex unit coupled to a Merrick weigh feeder was selected for this process. To ensure continuous analysis of the feed blend a Gamma Metrics cross belt analyzer was installed downstream of the new laterite bin. The entire system is supported by structural steel designed to meet stringent California “high seismic” code requirements. New electrical equipment, instrumentation, and PLC Controls were interfaced with existing MCC Structure and existing PLC I/O Cabinet Hardware and terminals. An essential contributor to smooth construction was our use of laser scanning to ensure all existing conditions were captured, modeled, and considered in the design. SMACC™ reviews at key design milestones ensured recognition and incorporation of all Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, and Coordination items in alignment with our client’s project goals.



  • Centrex (Aumund) Discharge System
  • Transco Belt Conveyors
  • Merrick Weigh Feeder
  • IAC Dust Collector
  • Plattco Double Tipping Valve
  • Gamma Metrics Cross Belt Analyzer
  • Industrial Ally Designed 200T Laterite Bin
  • Over 350 cubic yards concrete
  • Over 80 tons structural steel


  • Laser Scan, Point Cloud, Existing Conditions Model
  • Process, Civil, Mechanical, Structural & Electrical Engineering
  • Platework (Storage Bin) Design
  • Structural (Seismic) Connection Designs
  • Preliminary Engineering Study
  • Capital Cost Estimate
  • Detail “Issued for Construction” Engineering
  • Construction Support


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