Admixture Production Facilities





Our client sought to establish themselves in the North American market, enlisted Industrial Ally to provide detailed engineering services for three Concrete Admixtures Production Facilities. Production of their own Admixtures eliminated the reliance on third-party suppliers for Admixtures at their Ready-mix Plants. Industrial Ally designed three production plants in markets identified by the client to strategically serve their largest ready-mix client base. Maintaining as many similarities as possible between the three plants allowed for equipment commonality, economies in design, and in some cases utilization of the same construction crews between projects. Up to 23 different raw materials were received by bulk tanker truck, IBC tote, or dry powder. The raw materials were pumped throughout the facility to and from raw storage to stainless steel mix tanks to produce up to 12 different Concrete Admixtures. All pumps, pipelines, and mixer tanks were rinsed with fresh water between batches. The rinse water was then stored in tanks for re-use in product or disposal. Each municipality posed their challenges to the project. One location required the design and construction of an architectural feature wall and architectural fencing to meet the city’s planning and zoning requirements. Close coordination with local architects and civil engineers helped shepherd the projects through the permitting process. Industrial Ally collaborated with our client on the process design to establish operating parameters for the plants, allowing the design of the process piping, equipment specification / bid solicitation, civil/structural design/ and electrical design to progress in a timely manner. High levels of communication between the various project teams allowed for effective navigation of challenges presented at each project site.



  • Fiberglass Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Alfa-Laval Rotary Lobe Pump (105gpm each)
  • Goulds Water Pump (105gpm each)
  • Industrial Ally Designed Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks (WPS Industries Fabrication)
  • Chemineer Tank Agitators
  • Rice Lake Load Cells and Platform Scales
  • FormPak Bulk Bag Unloading System
  • Average of 1,100 cubic yards of Concrete per site
  • Average of 35 tons of structural steel per site
  • Average of 4,800 linear feet of piping per site
  • Average of 13,200 sq ft of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings


  • Initial Capital Cost Estimate for facilities
  • Permitting Support
  • Coordination with Local Power Utility for Site Power Supply
  • Development of Mechanical Equipment Specification Packages, Solicitation and Evaluation of Equipment Supply Proposals
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Civil/Structural Engineering and Design
  • Electrical Power Distribution and Instrumentation Design
  • Development of Construction RFP’s, Proposals Solicitation, and Construction Proposals Evaluation Support

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