Barge Unloading System


The design team was challenged to upgrade the Client’s existing barge unloading system by increasing bulk material unloading rates and improving operations. The new barge was designed to fit within the constraints of existing barges, conveyors, and mooring systems.

The new barge was designed with unique features to allow pneumatic piping and electrical cable trays to be concealed under the deck of the barge, thereby allowing a new unloading crane to freely unload from both sides of the barge.

A new hopper with a grizzly was designed to receive a variety of incoming bulk materials including clay, sand, gypsum, and other cement additives.

The hopper discharged to a new belt conveyor, which then discharged to an existing pivot conveyor. The pivot conveyor was supported by rails on the barge to allow the pivot conveyor to move with the barge while remaining fixed on the shore.

Several visual inspections were conducted during the barge fabrication process to ensure that construction was proceeding according to the design drawings. After fabrication was complete, the barge was launched to a shipyard for final fit-out of the equipment and structures on the barge deck. Finally, the barge was shipped to its home where it was docked to existing mooring structures and connected in series to adjacent working barges.



  • New Barge 
  • New Hopper 
  • E-Crane
  • Yueji Belt Conveyor
  • Chute connections to new and existing conveyors
  • Access Platforms and Stairs
  • Pneumatic pipeline
  • Cable Tray
  • Mooring connections and barge winches


  • Marine Design for Barge and Mooring connections
  • Piping Engineering and Design
  • Mechanical Equipment Specification and Arrangement
  • Hopper Design
  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Design

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