Blended Cement

Industrial Ally has recently completed a feasibility study for a client considering the addition of a system to blend slag and/or OPC into its existing production line. Three options were developed. All options include the pneumatic transport of ground slag to storage, the use of Coriolis feeders for blending, and bulk dispatch by truck, rail, or barge.

Industrial Ally determined the process and equipment requirements necessary for the needed blending, sized all equipment, and evaluated the feasibility of utilizing the existing pneumatic transport system(s) to transport the ground slag to storage. We prepared the process flowsheets, site plans, and developed a 3D model validating the effective integration of the new system into the site’s existing infrastructure.

Thereafter, Industrial Ally generated commodity material quantities and capital cost estimates for the three blended cement system options. The final report will serve as a valuable reference document for the Owner to make a “go / no go” decision relative to advancing the project to its next phase.

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