Cement Silo Distribution Improvements



Our West coast client sought to streamline their cement unloading process for 13 existing silos by relocating and replacing existing unloading equipment. Pneumatic pump air compressors were relocated from isolated silo pits to a centralized and easily accessible shed. New air gravity conveyors (30 total) were installed for the new distribution system with automatic slide gates and rotary flow control valves. The equipment layout also accommodates future pump replacement with and adjustable chute design. In order to accelerate the construction schedule, the design team specified a prefabricated Power Distribution Center (PDC) to serve as a new Electrical Room. The new PDC was powered via a new transformer specified for the project. A new PLC Control System was specified to modernize the unloading system. Over 50 PLC schematic drawings were prepared for new PLC cabinets in an existing ER and the new PDC which contained over 350 I/O points. A laser scan was conducted to ensure that the equipment arrangement accommodated the restrictions of the silo pits. Pipe and cable tray routing was optimized to improve constructability around the existing silos.



  • Air Gravity Conveyors (30 total) 
  • Automatic Slide Gates 
  • Rotary Flow Control Valves 
  • Power Distribution Center (PDC) 
  • Transformer (13.8kV in, 480V out)
  • PLC Cabinets (new and existing) 
  • Instrumentation and Controls Specifications


  • Laser Scan and Model of Existing Conditions 
  • Mechanical Equipment Specification and Solicitation 
  • Foundation design for PDC, Transformer, and Compressor Shed 
  • PDC Specification and Solicitation 
  • Transformer Specification and Solicitation 
  • Mechanical, Structural and Electrical drawings issued for construction 
  • PLC Controls Expansion Design 
  • Electrical Power Study via EasyPower Software

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