Critical Lift Design Support


MC Industrial, Inc.


NRG Powerton
Plant Pekin, Illinois




NRG required replacement of two of their existing electrostatic precipitators. However, their allowable outage duration was extremely limited. This made a conventional remove and build-in-place approach unacceptable. MC Industrial’s solution was to preconstruct each unit directly adjacent to the existing units prior to the plant shutdown. This approach supported a minimal shutdown duration in which the existing units would be demolished, and the new units set in place. Our role was to ensure the structural integrity of precipitators, rigging, and ancillaries throughout the critical lifts. We developed a 3D layout for coordination of the LTL-2600 crane configurations, site fabrication laydown area, as well as procedures for the multiple lifts. The 1.3 million-pound units were lifted to a height of 200 feet and a radius of 250 feet. Careful coordination with crane requirements provided an efficient and cost-effective project within the challenging shut down time window of the facility. Engineering Support included analysis of the precipitators to ensure safe load transmission from lifting devices designed by Industrial Ally. This included demolition removal of the existing precipitators. Also, layout and lifting device locations for new ductwork and related system components were generated. Construction foundations, structural steel, and structural modification to the precipitators and ducts to handle lifting stresses were developed. An essential contributor to safe and smooth construction was our use of 3D modeling to ensure all existing conditions were captured, modeled, and carefully considered in the project. SMACC™ reviews at key design milestones ensured recognition and incorporation of all Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, and Coordination items in alignment with the projects goals.



  • Structural Steel
  • Structural Concrete
  • New Lift Devices


  • Structural Engineering and Design for safe demolition of existing precipitators and replacement with new precipitators
  • 3D Layout of laydown and lift Yard for crane and site fabricated components.
  • Construction Package for Precipitator project site prefabrication and all lift devices
  • Development of Critical Lift Plans and calculations
  • Attendance to project meetings
  • Field services to accompany construction progress

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