Feasibility Study

Industrial Ally has recently completed a feasibility study for the installation of a waste heat recovery (WHR) system at a cement plant.  The study is a key element of the owner’s “Go / No-Go” decision to advance the project.

The WHR system will capitalize on the energy contained in the cement plant’s preheater and clinker cooler exhaust (waste) gases for power generation. The system being considered will convert thermal energy to electrical energy and generate 8 MW (gross) power (based on the Organic Rankine Cycle). The installation will include heat exchangers at the preheater and clinker cooler exhaust gas duct as well as an air-cooled condenser after the turbine.

Industrial Ally’s scope included evaluation of the process parameters, developing the process flowsheets, plot plan, and generation of a 3D model integrating the new system into the existing plant. A preliminary one-line diagram was also developed to assess and demonstrate the distribution of electrical loads and connections related to the WHR systems output.

The study effort culminated with a final report that included findings, recommendations, a bill of materials, and a capital cost estimate.

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