High Efficiency Separator Rejects Circuit

We recently engineered a project to dramatically streamline a client’s high efficiency separator rejects circuit.

After modeling and analyzing existing conditions, it was clear that the high degree of congestion in the area would require very careful attention to avoid potential conflicts with major structural and mechanical components.  The congestion also presented challenges with regard to ensuring technically sound conveyor approach angles and chutes slopes were maintained.

Four viable options were designed, modeled, and presented to the client for their consideration.  Ultimately, the client chose a design in which the belt conveyor was inclined 4° and fit snuggly between an existing structural column and the bucket elevator housing.  Inclining the conveyor provided an elevated discharge point and a steeper chute angle, which allows the material to effectively flow at the desired rate.

Terrestrial laser scanning and 3D modeling were essential to the success of this project.  The combination of technology, and Industrial Ally’s expertise, yielded a highly accurate model of existing conditions wherein the new projects structural mechanical layout could be effectively and confidently interfaced.

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