Plant Modernization Project



A cement producer operated two Wet Process Kilns at their plant in the Midwest. Updated NESHAP Regulations rendered the existing kilns noncompliant. LH worked in coordination with FLS on the design of a new Semi-Dry Cement Kiln to meet NESHAP Regulations (and included a cement production capacity increase). All systems upstream of the slurry storage and downstream of clinker of storage were re-used with minimal modifications. The semi-dry Process required upgrades to the existing slurry transport to the kiln, water treatment system for cooling and process water, plant air system, pneumatic CKD transport to existing storage silos, pneumatic coal transport from the existing coal mill to the new pyro-process line, ammonia and calcium chloride injection, and natural gas distribution. The piping distribution throughout the plant was designed to economize the piping supports with cable tray runs on support bridges designed by Industrial Ally while safely accommodating the temperature swings from the CKD Piping. Laser Scanning of the existing slurry pump room facilitated the installation of one of the new pumps while the existing pumps were in operation, minimizing the amount work to be performed during the shutdown for transition to the new process line. Detailed Design and SMACC™ Reviews with the Plant Personnel ensured the plant operations were not impacted by the pipe routing and helped identify areas for enhanced coordination with the other trades on-site.



  • Two 760 gpm Goulds Slurry Pumps
  • Ruhrpumpen Water Pumps
  • Hyspan Expansion Joints for CKD Transport Piping
  • Wearcon Densit Cast Elbows for Pneumatic Transport and Slurry Transport
  • Culligan Reverse Osmosis and Sand Filtration Water Treatment System
  • Carbon Steel Piping ▪ Stainless Steel Ammonia Transport Piping
  • CPVC Calcium Transport Piping ▪ Over 17,000 linear feet of piping


  • Material and Equipment Specification
  • Piping Schematics for all Piping Systems
  • Piping System Orthographic Layouts
  • Piping Isometrics
  • Foundation design for pipe bridges and water treatment system
  • Structural Steel Design for elevated pipe racks and miscellaneous pipe supports

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