Separator Replacement




Detailed Structural and Electrical Engineering

The driver behind the separator replacement was a need for an increase in finish mill capacity and improved product quality. FLS provided the 3D model and mechanical design and Industrial Ally provided the structural and electrical engineering. Our design solution included structural modifications to the existing mill building columns, bracing and floors plus new framing to accommodate and support the two new separators, baghouse extensions, ductwork and associated material handling equipment. A key to the project success was the close collaboration with FLS to resolve interference issues related to their design. The ground cement from each existing finish mill is transported by airslides and bucket elevator to the new separator. The fine material is transported in the gas stream to the baghouse and then the final product is transported to storage by the existing material transport system. The coarse material from the separator is returned to the mill via airslide for further grinding. New electrical equipment, instrumentation, and PLC Controls were interfaced with existing MCC Structure and existing PLC I/O Cabinet Hardware and terminals. SMACC™ reviews at key design milestones ensured recognition and incorporation of all Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, and Coordination items in alignment with our client’s project goals.



  • FLS separators
  • IAC baghouse extensions
  • FLS airslides
  • FLS supplied fans
  • FLS supplied bucket elevator extension
  • FLS supplied platework
  • Over 30 tons of structural steel


  • Structural & Electrical Engineering
  • Structural (Seismic) Connection Designs
  • Detail “Issued for Construction” Engineering (60+ Drawings)
  • Construction Support

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