Slag Grinding Facility


Slag Importer




2018 / 2019 / 2020


A Texas-based slag importer is constructing a new granulated blast furnace slag grinding and distribution terminal adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel. The project is being built in two phases. Phase I is the installation of a ball mill system to produce 70 tph (500,000 tpy) of ground slag at 5,500 Blaine. Phase II will include the installation of a roller press system to increase the mill production to 140 tph (1,000,000 tpy). Slag is received in 40,000-ton ocean vessels, off loaded, and trucked to the Texas Lehigh site to be stockpiled by front end loader inside an existing building. Gypsum and limestone are also trucked and stored inside the building. All materials are reclaimed by front end loader to their respective feed bins. From the bins, the materials are conveyed to the ball mill. The ground slag is collected in a bag filter and then pneumatically conveyed to a storage silo. An OPC bin and Coriolis meters are also included to allow for the preparation of blended cement. The ground slag and blended cement products are bulk loaded and shipped by truck and rail. The most challenging aspect of the project were site constraints that limited the equipment, silo and rail layout options and complicated construction access including laydown, parking, and crane considerations. Existing conditions were captured, modeled, and considered in the design via use of our terrestrial laser scanning. Regular SMACC™ reviews ensured recognition and incorporation of all Safety, Maintenance, Access, Constructability, and Coordination items into the conceptual and preliminary designs.



  • KHD Humboldt Wedag Mill System
  • 60,000-ton capacity Raw Slag Storage
  • 12,000 ground slag silo
  • Over 12,000 lf caissons
  • Over 4,000 cy concrete
  • Over 850 Tons structural steel
  • Over 300 tons platework
  • Over 5,000 lf piping


  • Laser Scan, Point Cloud, Existing Conditions Modeling
  • Process, Civil, Mechanical, Structural & Electrical Conceptual and Preliminary Engineering
  • Capital Cost Estimates, Cash Flow Forecasts, and Project Schedules
  • Board Meeting Document Preparation Support
  • Generation of Blended Cement System Functional Description
  • Preparation of EPC Request for Proposals
  • EPC Proposal Evaluation
  • Site Plan Development (roads/railways)
  • Review of Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical Design Drawings
  • Permitting Support and Construction Support

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