When Speed is of the Essence

Expertise when you need it most – and need it fast.   Industrial Ally recently completed three structural engineering projects that demanded accelerated schedules. 

The first project involved fast track design of an ammonia tank foundation and containment wall system.  The ammonia tank was scheduled to arrive within three weeks of the project kick-off, and it was critical that the system be in operation only four weeks after that.  We completed the design and delivered “Issued for Construction” drawings within a week of receiving the pertinent design basis information (Geotechnical report, general arrangements, etc.).       

For the second project, Industrial Ally worked in conjunction with a contractor under an Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) contract who was to deliver a large covered structure for raw material storage.   Again, a critical owner timetable necessitated an aggressive design schedule.  To deliver construction drawings as quickly as possible, and prior to receipt of the site geotechnical report, we assumed allowable bearing pressures based on historical data.  Upon receipt of the Geotech report our assumptions were validated.  Performing our design in parallel to the geotechnical investigation was instrumental in delivering an on-time project.

When production facilities upgrade equipment, the often discover they have inadequate room for the associated electrical gear.  And, on occasion, they realize this in the late stages of a project.  We recently delivered engineering for a project under just such circumstances.  A new electrical building and expansion of two existing electrical buildings was needed to support a project moving into construction.  We expedited the design of the CMU, and composite concrete roof, structures and collaborated with the owner to ensure the new structures nested perfectly between existing foundations, structures, equipment, and utilities. 

Proud of our team’s response to the quick turn-a-round engineering needed to help our customers be successful.

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