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Based centrally in St. Louis, Missouri, we serve clients in heavy industrial industries across the nation. View some of our notable projects below.

Good Grind

Our client has successfully completed the commissioning of a new Vertical Roller Mill grinding system in the Midwest.

Just the Right Blend

Industrial Ally has completed all (mechanical, structural, electrical) detail engineering associated with a series of new chemical processing facilities located in California, Florida, and Texas.

Ductwork Design

The analysis and design of large process ductwork that operates under significant temperature ranges requires experience and expertise.

Supporting a Safe Work Environment

Our structural team supports safe facility operations by performing on-site structural inspection services. 

Increasing Uptime

We have just wrapped up a design project to eliminate a client’s raw mill feed chute plugging issue. Our client’s VRM inlet chute is fed by two conveyors (limestone and additives).

Blended Cement

Industrial Ally has recently completed a feasibility study for a client considering the addition of a system to blend slag and/or OPC into its existing production line.

A Matter of Support

Industrial Ally has just completed an interesting and challenging structural engineering project that will allow our client to remain in operation while their existing coal bins are replaced. 

When Speed is of the Essence

Expertise when you need it most – and need it fast.   Industrial Ally recently completed three structural engineering projects that demanded accelerated schedules. 

Making Client Facilities Safer

Industrial Ally has successfully completed an Arc Flash mitigation program encompassing nine cement terminals in the continental US.

Modular Vertical Roller Mill System

We completed a study for the installation of a modular vertical roller mill (VRM) system to produce Type IP and Class N Pozzolan cement for our client.

Quality and Safety Improvement Project

An economical engineered solution to our client for improvements to its limestone handling system.

Feasibility Study

We recently completed a feasibility study for the installation of a waste heat recovery (WHR) system at a cement plant.

High Efficiency Separator Rejects Circuit

We recently engineered a project to dramatically streamline a client’s high efficiency separator rejects circuit.

Laser Scanning Project

Industrial Ally recently completed a large laser scanning project for a client in the Southeast market.

Deteriorating Plant Water System

Industrial Ally has recently completed detailed design efforts associated with the replacement of a deteriorating plant water system.

Barge Unloading System

The design team was challenged to upgrade the Client’s existing barge unloading system by increasing bulk material unloading rates and improving operations.

Cement Silo Distribution Improvements

Our West coast client sought to streamline their cement unloading process for 13 existing silos by relocating and replacing existing unloading equipment.

Truck Loadout System

Our client required additional capacity for cement loadout to truck to serve their client base more effectively.

Slag Grinding Facility

We completed conceptual design, capital cost study, and engineering for a new granulated blast furnace slag grinding and distribution terminal.

Additive Feed System Improvements

Our client required upgrades to their alumina clay and sandstone feed system.

Specialty Gypsum Products Plant Expansion

Industrial Ally developed various concepts to increase production in all areas of the plant for an expansion project.

Additives Bins Replacement

Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical detailed design of the Chalk, White Sand and Limestone storage bins, hanging hoppers for each bin, discharge interface of the hanging hoppers and weigh feeders, and a new feed system to the White Sand Bin.

Additives Storage and Handling System

Our client had a need to upgrade the additives storage and handling at their Midwest plant.

Separator Replacement

Industrial Ally provided detailed structural and electrical engineering for a client in need of an increase in finish mill capacity and improved product quality

Kiln Line Expansion

A full-service project and detail design of mechanical, structural, and grounding systems.

Concrete Ready-Mix Plant

Industrial Ally was enlisted to help the client develop a new Concrete Ready Mix plant on a greenfield site.

Mill Conversion Detailed Design

This Project consisted of detailed Engineering Support for the conversion of a raw mill to a finish mill for a cement client in the Eastern United States.

Plant Modernization Project

Plant piping and auxiliary systems design for a cement producer in the Midwest.

Critical Lift Design Support

NRG required replacement of two of their existing electrostatic precipitators.

Slag Conveying and Barge Loading

The goal of this project was to install a new system to pneumatically convey slag cement from existing storage silos to oceangoing barges.

Admixture Production Facilities

Industrial Ally completed detailed engineering services for three Concrete Admixtures Production Facilities.

Barge Terminal Detailed Design

A Northeast cement producer sought to renovate a cement unloading facility which had been out of operation for approximately eight years.

Vertical Roller Mill Detail Design

Comprehensive project detail engineering including clinker and additive feed transport to the new mill, cement cooling, cement transport to the existing and new cement silos, and a new SSL truck loadout system.

Additive Bin and Feed System

The driver behind this Laterite Handling and Storage System Project was a need for an increase in storage capacity and raw material blend feed quality.

Burner Replacement

The driver behind the burner replacement was a need to improve efficiency and reliability and to maximize kilns production capacity.

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